Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Nielsen Park

Nielsen Park is in Sydney Harbour National Park which is near to Manly.
You can do there swimming, walking, lookouts, picnicking and you can see historical sites. I am not a 100% sure but I think if you read the instruction how to get to Vaucluse, then you can continue your thip by a farry or a boat to Sydney Harbour National Park where the Nielsen Park is. For more information go to: Nielsen Park


Macedonian culture

Here are some differences between Australian and Maedonian culture.
First of all in Macedonia if people go to the theatre, they wear casual clothes. That even happens if they go to the dinner with their friends or families or to the lunch in restaurant. Here some people go to the restaurant dressed in shorts and tongs. I think people in Macedonia are more modern than Australians.
Secondly, if adult people meet each other on the street or somewhere, they greet by shaking hands, but young people used to kiss on cheeks each other, it doesn’t matter if they are boys or girls.
Thirdly, people visit each other very often and every day when they have time for visiting, they don’t wait to visit someone on Friday or Saturday. For the first day when I came to Australia that was very strange for me, I couldn’t stand the silence in my home because no one was coming to visit us during the week.
Finally, in Macedonia every host who invite you to be his/her guest will prepare a very rich lunch or dinner to make you feel welcome in their home. I’ve noticed that here Macedonian people live like Australians and they have accepted a lot of habits that Australians do.
Who knows? Maybe one day I’ll became like that, maybe I’ll change my behavior and my habits. But maybe not!
If you want to know more about Macedonian culture go to :Macedonian culture

Monday, November 20, 2006


Vaucluse House

1. How can you get to the Vaucluse House?
2. What are the opening hours for visitors?
3. How many acres of gardens and grounds surround the house?
4. How long are you allowed to view the house and garden?
5. Have you ever seen that house?

If you want to find the answers of these questions go to this link: Vaucluse House


Sculpture by the Sea

"Sculpture by the Sea" is Australia's largest annual outdoor free to the public exhibition.

Every year from 2- 19 November there are over 100 works by artists from Australia and overseas which are staged and set among the rocks and in the water along the coastal walk footpath. The exhibition is open for two weeks, 24 hours a day. If you are interested to see this exhibition you can travel by train starting from Kogarah at 9.23 o'clock and you'll arrive to Bondi Junction at 9.56. Then you can catch the bus no. 361 to Tamarama and you'll be there at 10.32. Good luck and enjoy.


A movie review: The Last Samurai

I'm writing a review for the movie named "The Last Samurai". This movie was directed by Edward Zwick who made the movie according to the story by John Logan.
This movie is about an alcoholic war hero who gets invited to Japan to train the American soldiers how to use weapons against the Samurai. When he goes to Japan, he gets captured by the Samurai. Instead of getting kild by them, he stays and lives with one of the families. He studies their culture and their way of fighting and joins them in the war against the Americans. In that war most of the Samurai are killed or captured but they still win the war. Captain Nathan Algren survives and gets recognised as a hero in the Japanese society.
The theme of this movie is the difference between the ways of life in the older japanese society and the modern Japanese society.
The main actor in this movie is Tom Cruise who playes the role of Captain Nathan Algren.
I recomend this movie because it is very interesting and has lots of action in it.
This movie is rated R+18 which means that noone under 18 can watch the movie.
I give the movie 5 stars because it is a mixture of action, as well as lots of emotions such as love, sadness and honesty.


Andrew's story: Thailand trip

Andrew is one of the teachers at St. George TAFE.
Andrew and his wife Eleanor went to Thailand because his wife had to work there in the Australian embassy. She was posted to the Australian embassy in Bangkok to deal with human trafficking. When they were in Bangkok, they decided to adopt two children and they started the procedure for adoption. The first boy who was adopted was Nut, who was approximately 7 years old when they adopted him. When they accepted Nut as their child, he came to stay with them. After 6 months Nut’s adoption was completed and during that period they were checked three times by the Government people to see the conditions in their house.
After a short time they decided to adopt another child. They had some problems about that because Eleanor had finished her job, so one of the rules for adoption was one of the parents had to have job in Thailand. They were lucky and Andrew started a part-time work at the Australian embassy as a Prison Visits Officer. He didn’t enjoy working there but work is work. Then they applied to adopt a second child and they received notification of the selection of the second child, Num. After the whole procedure, Num came to stay with them. Because Eleanor had already finished her posting with the Australian embassy in Bangkok, they got permission to take Num back to Australia. They are all together now as a family and they are very happy, but he said that is very hard to adjust as a parent especially if you are 52 years old.

Sunday, November 12, 2006


My hometown Bitola

My hometown is located in South Macedonia, very close to

the Macedonian- Greek border. It is the second biggest town in the

country with about 100,000 citizens.

There are many interesting buildings in the town such as

churches, schools and shops, which have been built many centuries

ago and they are still in a good condition. The most interesting

building is a “Big Clock” which is in the centre of the town and it

is made of stone and mortar. There is nothing unusual with that,

but it’ll be very strange if I tell you that the builders put 10,000

eggs in the mortar to make it stronger. It’s very strange, isn’t it?

Along the middle of the town flows the river called

“Dragor”. On the west side of the river near the town there is a

National Park named “Pelister” in which is found a very specific

kind of tree “Molika” and it makes the town very attractive for the

tourists. Not only that, the snowy mountains attract tourists to visit

“Pelister” and to enjoy skiing, playing with the snow and looking

at the beautiful landscape.

According to the text written above you can imagine how

beautiful is my hometown- Bitola.

Monday, November 06, 2006


Report about the "Pastrmka"

The pastrmka is a fish native to Macedonia. There are some similar kinds of this fish in the world, but no other is like Ohrid’s trout.
The trout lives in Ohrid Lake, in fresh, very clean water. It lives in the colder parts of the lake. It is a very specific kind of fish but it lives with the other fish together.
The trout has red dots on its skin and it is about 30 cm. long. Its skin is very smooth and slimy and is too difficult to catch. It has a big tail and fins.
The trout swims very fast using its tail and fins. It helps it to escape its enemies. It separates and eats the microscopic organisms from the water. The trout lays and leaves its eggs to float in the water until the day they become fishes. When it’s out of the water it flips and moves a lot for a long time.


It is good for children to watch TV. Do you agree?

It is a very interesting opinion and unfortunately it is true that

children spend a lot of time watching TV instead of doing

something else. Anyway I do agree with the opinion that is good

for children to watch television.

First of all, it depends on the country where the children live.

In my country, Macedonia they can play outside all day with their

friends and neighbours, so they don’t have a lot of time to watch

TV. Here, in Australia, the children are not allowed to play outside

if they are not observed by their parents, so they have to do

something at home especially in the afternoons. The options are to

watch TV or to play on the computer. If I compare these two

options, watching TV is better than playing on the computer

because the computer is more addictive than TV. My children

prefer watching TV and they usually spend 4-5 hours in front of

the TV.
The second reason is that on the TV there are a lot of

interesting programs which are very useful for children. They can

learn much more about some topics or events from those programs.

The quiz “Brainiac” is very popular for children aged 12-15,

because there are many topics such as science, maths, geography,

history and literature included in the quiz questions. Also

documentary programs for animals are very good and my children

enjoy watching them because they love animals.

The third reason is that by watching TV children learn

more about the English language, especially children from

overseas. They learn a lot of vocabulary and pronunciation. But not

only for those children! I think that there are a lot of Australian

children who don’t know what the real meaning of some words is

and how to pronounce them. I’ve noticed that my neighbour’s son

very often says ‘much’ instead of ‘many’. He says: “I have much

pictures in my room”.

Although children shouldn’t spend too much time

watching TV, I’m still convinced that the time spent in front of the

TV is not wasting time. My opinion is that it is good for children to

watch television.


My experiance as an adult

That was a very scared and dangerous experience for me.

It was long time ago but I’ll remember it forever.

Twelve years ago, on 1st September, I was married, my

daughter was 2 years old and my son was 7 months old. My

mother had just come back home from hospital, where she’d spent

five months having an operation. My mother- in- law, my children

and I went to visit my parents, especially her. After few minutes

we went into the house, the ground started to shake strongly. At

first we didn’t know what had happened, but later we realized

that it was an earthquake. I was so scared I didn’t know what to do.

Suddenly, I grabbed my children and ran away into the front yard.

I was actually scared for my children more than for myself. We

were lucky because it lasted only few seconds. Luckily, everyone

was OK, no one was injured. After half an hour we had to drive

home but I was unable to drive my car, so we had to stay there an

extra hour to relax and to be able to drive.

When we went home we noticed that a lot of things

had fallen down and we and the whole neighbourhood slept

outside the street.

From that day until now I can’t sleep well and I still

remember that terrible day.

Sunday, November 05, 2006


Learning English

Many years ago was my start of learning the English

language. For the first time it was in primary school, but I was very

young and I never thought that I’d use this language in the

future, so I learnt it only for good marks which I achieved.

In high school I didn’t learn English much because of the

teacher. She was very lazy and she didn’t mind if we understood

her or not. Still, I had good marks in English then.

In University I didn’t have any English education because I

had some German classes for beginners. So, I missed a long

period of four years learning nothing new in English.

Now I know that that period of my life was very important for

me because I was young and I could learn more than now.

A long time after university, when I decided to go to

Australia, I felt that I was not ready enough, because I knew that

there was no other language than English there, so I enrolled in a

private school for one year to improve my English. It helped me to

pass the IELTS test which actually opened the gate for me to get a

visa to Australia.

Today I’m here and I’m writing a different story about me.

Last year when I came to Sydney I had difficulties with

understanding people, especially Australian people, because my

ears were used to hearing an English accent not an Australian one.

From day to day I learnt word by word and now I know a

lot of words but it’s still difficult to put them in a sentence in the

correct tense and order. I still need practice in speaking.

Comparing my present with my previous knowledge, I can

say that I’m better now because every day I listen and speak

English and every day I learn something new. My children help me

a lot as well.

Saturday, November 04, 2006


Australian Health

This is a report about the Australian Health System, including Medicare System and some health problems which Australian people have in their country.
There are two different kinds of Health system in Australia: Private and Public. In the Private Health system GP- doctors , Private hospitals, Specialist and some Pharmacy and Dentist are included. Most of the people who need services from the private system should pay for it.
On the other hand the Public Health system includes: Public Hospitals, Clinics (Dental and Outpatiens), X- ray, and some Doctors and Pharmacies. For this service people shouldn't pay any money because the Goverment cover them. People only should have Medicare card or Healthcare card.
Obesity is the most common health problem in Australia. Obesity means that in your bidy you have more energy, more kilojules, than you do activities which help you to reduce them. I think that obesity is caused by passivity, which means that people consume a lot of food, drink energy drinks but they don't do activities like exercise, sports etc.
Statistics in Australia show that the rates are more than double in the past 20 years. If you are interested to know what range you are included in, you should calculate your BMI by dividing your personal weight in kilograms by your hight in square metres. If your body mass index is over 30 you are definitely obese or overweight. People who have that index have a lot of problems with their health; they usually have stroke, diabetis, heart deseases, and to stop those deseases they must go on a diet or completely change their lifestyle.
An other main health problem in Australia is skin cancer. Australia has the highest UV radiation levels in the world because it is very close to the ozone hole.
In summer the sun is so strong and hot, which is no good for the people with sensitive skin, especially for white skin people. That's why Australians make an effort to educate themselves, through a compaign and TV programs like Sun Smart and the Slip! Slop! Slap! There are several kinds of skin cancer but every of them you can recognise if you notice small moles and freckles on the skin.
One of the skin cancer kinds is Melanoma. The rates in man are stable and in women they are declining slightly. Unfortunately the rates for skin cancer are still rising in both sexes, male and female.
My advice on how to avoid obesity is to change your lifestyle, eating healthy food( vegetables, fruit, pasta, bread, cereals, beans and lentils, doing exercise's) and other activities avoiding stress and trying to be happy, to enjoy every moment in your life. It'll help you to reduce your weight.
About the other problem, I think that there is only one way to avoid it- don't stay in the sun longer than usually, protect your skin with sunscreen and your head with hat.

Monday, October 23, 2006


Me and my family in Canberra at the Floriade!

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